Methods Of Evangelism

In order to keep church members motivated and willing to participate in evangelism, it is important to have and implement different methods of evangelism in your ministry.

Some people are extravert and don’t find it hard to approach and speak to people; some others, dread even the thought of doing such. You also have people who have a bit more free time then others (retired vs. parents with small children). There are also the age, gender and race differences in members also. Taking into consideration all these factors, it makes perfect since why a church should have different methods of evangelism so that each member will be able to get involved in at least one of the methods.

What are some methods of evangelism that we can implement in our ministry?


 Methods Of Evangelism

Methods Of Evangelism

What are a few methods of evangelism?

Community oriented services: one of the most effective methods of evangelism I find is a church offering services that are community oriented. The idea is to look into your community and identify what the needs are. Once you have identified a need, come up with a creative idea to help solved that need.

Outreach programs: Another very powerful method of evangelism is to create and offer programs in the church that community members find useful. An example of that: the economic crisis all over the world have some families struggling to make end meets. Do you have people in the church that have a financial training? I am sure you do. Offer a free budget/financial planning course to help these families manage their budgets.




Events:  for the most part, people love events. Especially families, they are always looking for ideas of low cost or free activities to do with kids. Help them out by offering some great events once in a while in the community. These events are good methods of evangelism if planned well.

Street evangelism: another activity that churches are using worldwide and that is also part of the methods of evangelism is street evangelism. As mentioned in my article on the subject, for it to be effective and motivating, it must be coupled with acts.

There are many more methods of evangelism that a church can implement. However it is important to note that just having different methods of evangelism is not enough to sustain you ministry and keep members motivated. These methods of evangelism must be presented in a coherent way so each member can implement them; this is where an outreach and evangelization plan comes handy. This exactly what my book, Effective Outreach & Evangelization Strategies, will help you achieved.

In “Effective Outreach & Evangelization Strategies – A 21st Century Minister’s Manual”, I laid out a powerful plan that, if followed, will help ministers devise an outreach and evangelization plan that will create momentum in their church and get church members fired up and willing to share the Good news of Christ with all the ones that God put on their path.

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